Street Child

We have just finished our latest class reader; Street Child by Berlie Doherty. This was a book about Jim Jarvis, an orphan who wanders from one bad experience to another whilst living on the streets. He meets some friends along the way, but the book really highlights the terrible living conditions of homeless children in the 19th century. In the end, Jim meets Barnie who gives Jim a home and helps many children like Jim. Jim Jarvis was a real person and Barnie was based upon Dr Barnardo. Dr Barnardo’s is a charity that still helps children in need today.

Year 5&6, please leave a comment answering the following questions about the book.

1. Did you enjoy the story? Why or why not?

2. How did you feel at the end of the story?

3. Which was the your favourite part of the story? Why?

4. Who was your favourite character? Why?

31 thoughts on “Street Child”

  1. Hi guies Yes i did enjoy the story it was very tragic when shrimps died and Grimy Nick was a very mean p unpredictable erson to Jim and with Jim he was very unpredictable and was VERY clever at getting away from Snipe It was very godd at the end when Jim was getting fed well and treated well not like in the workhouse when he was getting whipped very hard My favorouit part of the story was when snipe was going to be hanged poor doggy but he was being horrible to Jim and at least the dog died My favoruite charater was Shrimps because he was very funny and the way he got rich peoples attenton by shouting

  2. I really enjoyed the story because it was strange and it left you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what would happen.
    It is a sad story because one of Jim’s(the main character) best friends died. I felt sad at the end of the story it makes you think how they lived in those times. My favourite part was when Jim escaped from the work house because you did not know if he would make it or not and if he did not make it he got put in a cage out side.
    My favourite character was Shrimp because his voice kept in Jims head and encoraged him to keep going.

  3. 1) I did enjoy the story, because I liked the plece that Jim lived in after he got away from the work house.

    2) At the end I felt sad because Shrimps died but Jim found a home.

  4. I did not enjoy the story, because it was boring also I didn’t get in to thestory.

    I felt happy and sad because Shrimp died, also Jim found a home.

    My favourite part was when Jim found a home because it made me happy.

  5. Yes, I did enjoy it because it was adventurous and there were exciting bits in it and where Shrimp lived.
    I felt sad because he had been seperated from his family but Jim was happy in the end.
    My favourite part of the story was that Jim lived with some one it was Doctor Barney.
    My favourite character was Shrimps because he died in the end.

  6. I enjoyed the story because it was exciting and I like true stories

    I felt happy because Jim found somewhere to live but I was sad because Shrimps died

  7. I did enjoy the story because it was based on a true story and it was quite tragic.
    I felt happy that Jim had a home in the end but I felt sad that Shrimps had died.
    My favourite part of the story was when Jim was on the boat with grimey Nick, because he had to try to escape from Nick and Snipe.
    My favouite character was Jim because he was very daring.

  8. I enjoy the story because I love stories that are real.

    I felt really happy that Jim got away.

    My favourite part of the story was when Jim met Doctor Banardo, because he thought he was nasty but he was not.

    My favourite characters were Jim and Shrimps because thay were funny and also we followed Jims life.

  9. I really enjoyed the story because in the end Dr Barnado gives Jim a home and it was a really exciting story.

    I felt happy about Jim getting a home at the end of the story.

    My favourite part of the story was when Jim got away from grimey Nick.

    My favouriote charactar is Shrimps because he was being a brother in the story.

  10. I enjoyed the story because Jim escaped from danger.

    I felt happy because Jim went to Doctor Barnado.

    My favouruite part of the story was Jim escaping from the barn.

    My favourite charactar was Shrimps because he lived in a box.

  11. I really enjoyed the story, I thought it was fun and exiting, at some points I felt really sorry for Jim. I’ve always wondered about how it would be to live on the street and now I know I really hope I never experence what Jim went through.I think it was a very exiting and I think enyone who reads it will like it to. My Favorite Character was Jim, I thought he was very clever, when ever hes in a sticky situation he always gets himself out of it. At the end of the story i thout it was quite sad because shrips died and shrips was Jims best friend, but Jim and the rest of the street boys had a happy ending because Dr banardo opened up a home for them and any future child.

  12. No I didn’t enjoy the story because Shrimps died.

    I felt happy at the end of the story because Jim found a home and the other children got given a home.

    My favourite part was when Jim escaped from Grimey Nick because he was being treated badly.

    My favourite character was Jim because he went on wild adventures and
    finally found a home.

  13. 1.I enjoyed it because it was tragic but funny.

    2.My favourite character was Jim because he was a very fast thinker & was always one step ahead of things.

  14. I enjyed Street Child because Doctoer Bonodo saved Jim from living on the street. And some other boys that were living on the street.

    Very happy that Dotor Bonosdo took all of the boys that were living on the street in to his house and looked after them all. But it made me sad when Shrimps died.

    By Hannah

  15. Yes i did enjoy the book because it relly exciting and chidren on the street get a home in the end.I felt relly happy for Jim and his friends on the streets.My favourite bit of the story is the bit when Jim sneeked in the carpet.

  16. I did enjoy the story a lot because it was quite funny and it was about a child that was living on the street, that made a new best friend.

    I felt that Jim the main character in the story went to the best place and had a very good time living in a house, the same happened to millions of children on the street that lived in the same life as Jim the “street child”.

    My favourite part was when Jim escaped from Grimy-Nick and started to flee to the circus and met a new friend.

    My favourite character was obviously Jim Jarvis, the main character in the story and Iwas happy for him when he met Dr Barnardo, yeeeeeeeh for JIM JARVIS…..THE STREET CHILD…………

  17. I enjoyed Street child because it was funny and a tragic.
    My favoraite charchter was Jim becaquse he hung Snipe on the neck breaker and he might of killed Snipe and Grimy Nick and Shimps because he got told off by his mother and i was very sad when he eventully died.

  18. Hiya I really liked street child because it was sad and surprising!

    The ending was really happy because Jim Jarvis (the main character) because he found a home!!! 🙂

    My faveourite part was when Jim shouted out ” No god’s not he didn’t help me!!”

    My favourite character was skipping Jim because he was funny and every body loved him!

    Bye and don’t forget to vist my website (please no rude or threating coments!)

  19. I enjoyed Street Child because the description was great and it really made you feel like you were there and it kept you on the edge of your seat

    At the end of the story I felt slightly depressed because it left you feelieg really sad and it left you feeling very shivery because it was a TRUE STORY!

    My favourite part was he end because it sounded so tranquil and still and it just left you feeling out of this world and airy it is a great read

    My favourite charecter was probably Jim because he is a great inspiration to me because he kept going despite the worst!

  20. I enjoyed the story “Street Child” because of all the different adventures that the problems caused.
    At the end of the story I felt happy because you knew that Jim Jarvis had been through a lot of pain, but at the end he got a good home. It also it was a true story which is even more interesting.
    My favourite part of the story was when Jim escaped from the workhouse because it was exciting and there was a lot of drama on that part.
    My favourite character was Tip because he was a good friend to jim in the Workhouse.
    It was a great read I recommend it:-)

  21. 1) Yes i did enjoy the storie because it was’t to confusing for me.
    2) I felt happy for all the street boys who got a home and some where from dr bonardoes.
    3) My favroit part of the storie was when Jim was whith grimey Nick and the way that he excaped from the Lilly.
    4) My favroit charicter was Jim because he was adventrious.:)

  22. I enjoyed the book because Jim had no home no wher to stay .
    he had to go around finding some where to stay. But be for that i like it because Jim and his mum and his to sisters lizzy and emily and they liv the work house.
    At the end of the story i felt really happy because he had a home to stay in and all of his friends to stay with him. my favirote part of the story was at the end. my favirote carater was jimmy becase he kept askeping .

  23. Hiya

    I really enjoyed the story because it was very funny at theend of the story it was really sad it made me want to cry. My Favrioute part was when Jim excaped from the work house and jumped on the back of the lorry and jumped ofr and tryed to see Rosie. My Favrioute charater was Jim coz he was really funny
    bye 🙂 🙁

  24. I think that street child was a very sad story but it was a good story my favourit character was tip.
    jim met tip in the work house ,the best bit was the end where all the street children got a homes , but hte anoying thing was you did’t know what happened to Emily and Lizzy but you sould really give it a go.

  25. Dear Bloggers

    I really enjoyed Street Child because it really tells you about what life was like in the victorian times.At the end of the story I felt really sad because one of Jims(main character) freinds dies called shrimp’s and he was jims best freind.My favourite bit of the story is when Jim escapes from the workhouse because he could’ve died or if he got caught he would end up being locked up in a cage where loads of people who are mad.My favourite character was Shrimps because he stood by Jim no matter what and when Jim got taken away he fell ill but Jim helped him which shows how good there freindship was.This was a brilliant book. : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) bbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee

  26. 1) I enjoyed because Jim (the main character) had a very hard time finding some where live and someone who cared about him and others like him.

    2) I felt relieved at the end because Jim found a man named Dr. Banardos (who opened the famous charity Banardos)and helped Jim.

  27. Hiya guyz,
    STREET CHILD was a very sad story. 🙁
    but it was a great read!!!
    It was about a boy called Jim Jarvis
    and his struggle for survival in victorian london.
    In the begining Jim was in a council house
    with his sisters Lizzie and Emily and His mother was ill
    and they got kicked out of the house and they had to walk to find Rosie
    (mrs Jarvis’s best friend)
    well i’m not going to tell u anymore of the story
    you will have to buy it and find out for yourself 🙂
    My fave part was when Jim escaped from Grimey Nick
    and his beastly dog called Snipe
    it was very exciting the rsh of it all.
    My fave character was Shrimps because before he died he was
    like Jim’s brother and he was really funny 🙂
    I really enjoyed it!!!!!!!!!!


  28. HI MR C 🙂
    WISH U WELL !!!


  29. hiya every body

    missing all of the old year sixes and having great fun at school
    mr salt is a nice teacher but he gives us lots of tests

    bye everybody

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