Residential day 4

Blog – Day four Today the year 6s have all completed the low adventure course and done some abseiling. After spending the day dangling from a rope or being pulled out of a bog, we are all looking forward to having a campfire tonight. We are enjoying reading the comments that have been left for us. Don’t forget that I have to moderate all the comments before they appear on the blog, so don’t panic if you can’t see it on here straight away.   Mr Cozens 

Today we did low adventure course and we got to stand on a wheel and walk on a track and we had to stop water from coming out of a pipe so we could rescue something out of it. Also we did abseiling I was really nervous but I did it and it was really fun.  Blogged by James  

Chloe and Fran maybe I will use my orienteering skills and maybe I won’t but any way I miss you loads and mum keep sending comments because I get really bored  and lonely but I will be home soon bye for now HALA HALA HALA !   Blogged by James. 

Today was great fun, abseiling was very good. Mr Cozens shot a video of us Hannah was making us ache with laughter I was scared at first but I was glad to have my feet back on the ground.In the afternoon we did lots of different activities and tomorrow should be great fun we will be kayaking. I hope to see you guys back at Cornwood ( boo hoo ) Blogged by Scott  

Hi every one I am missing you all . can’t wait to see you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We just got back from the bon fire. Blogged by Beshley! 

Hi all today we did LO adventure (I don’t know what LO stands for!) and the best bit was when Beth and Izzy were on this boat with holes in it and Josh jumped on, the  boat capsized and Beth fell in the water! In abseiling we did this thing called the helicopter where we dangled out of the tree in midair! Anyway I enjoyed my last day here looking forward to seeing you all and Mum, I didn’t have beans.Blogged by Max 

Hiya everyone at home how are you I had loads of fun today and I even fell in the lake!!!We had to go across a lake in a boat with holes in! It capsized because Josh jumped in and then jumped out again. Izzy and I fell in but nobody else did! But Josh also fell in to a bog so HAHA for him its 9:55pm now so got to go see you all tomorrow!!  Bye Blogged by Beth  Hi everybody.Today Kelsy pushed me into the bog and I got stuck Danny helped me out. So I am really angry with her. Mr. Cozens was standing there laughing his head off and taking photos. Tonight we went to the bonfire.Bye for now and see you tomorrow Bye Hannah  

 Hi mum and Dad its Kelsy today I pushed Hannah in the bog and she got stuck  Danni had to dig her out  and Beshley pushed me in the bog it came up to my hips by 4 now x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x 

Hello mum and every one else how are you can you help me how do you view pics on the camera I hate typing so I’ll tell you about everything we did when I get home! luv rob XxXxXxXxX:) 

Hiya everyone how r u???Today was really fun, we did the LO adventure course. My fav part of it was the spooky tunnel, the tunnel was quite long and it had loads of camouflage things over it so you couldn’t see it that well in the bush. In the evening we went to a camp fire and noj aka:John) was being really stupid and singing weird songs.Cya on Fridaybibi Blogged bye Izzy

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  1. I am really glad to be home now but I miss Danni and noj (our instuctors) loads and loads!! Danni even cried when we went bye bye! I never wanted to leave though! :'(

    THEY WERE LEGENDZ!!!!!!!!!
    AND IT’S OVA NOW lol

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