Street Child

We have just finished our latest class reader; Street Child by Berlie Doherty. This was a book about Jim Jarvis, an orphan who wanders from one bad experience to another whilst living on the streets. He meets some friends along the way, but the book really highlights the terrible living conditions of homeless children in the 19th century. In the end, Jim meets Barnie who gives Jim a home and helps many children like Jim. Jim Jarvis was a real person and Barnie was based upon Dr Barnardo. Dr Barnardo’s is a charity that still helps children in need today.

Year 5&6, please leave a comment answering the following questions about the book.

1. Did you enjoy the story? Why or why not?

2. How did you feel at the end of the story?

3. Which was the your favourite part of the story? Why?

4. Who was your favourite character? Why?

Residential day 4

Blog – Day four Today the year 6s have all completed the low adventure course and done some abseiling. After spending the day dangling from a rope or being pulled out of a bog, we are all looking forward to having a campfire tonight. We are enjoying reading the comments that have been left for us. Don’t forget that I have to moderate all the comments before they appear on the blog, so don’t panic if you can’t see it on here straight away.   Mr Cozens 

Today we did low adventure course and we got to stand on a wheel and walk on a track and we had to stop water from coming out of a pipe so we could rescue something out of it. Also we did abseiling I was really nervous but I did it and it was really fun.  Blogged by James  

Chloe and Fran maybe I will use my orienteering skills and maybe I won’t but any way I miss you loads and mum keep sending comments because I get really bored  and lonely but I will be home soon bye for now HALA HALA HALA !   Blogged by James. 

Today was great fun, abseiling was very good. Mr Cozens shot a video of us Hannah was making us ache with laughter I was scared at first but I was glad to have my feet back on the ground.In the afternoon we did lots of different activities and tomorrow should be great fun we will be kayaking. I hope to see you guys back at Cornwood ( boo hoo ) Blogged by Scott  

Hi every one I am missing you all . can’t wait to see you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We just got back from the bon fire. Blogged by Beshley! 

Hi all today we did LO adventure (I don’t know what LO stands for!) and the best bit was when Beth and Izzy were on this boat with holes in it and Josh jumped on, the  boat capsized and Beth fell in the water! In abseiling we did this thing called the helicopter where we dangled out of the tree in midair! Anyway I enjoyed my last day here looking forward to seeing you all and Mum, I didn’t have beans.Blogged by Max 

Hiya everyone at home how are you I had loads of fun today and I even fell in the lake!!!We had to go across a lake in a boat with holes in! It capsized because Josh jumped in and then jumped out again. Izzy and I fell in but nobody else did! But Josh also fell in to a bog so HAHA for him its 9:55pm now so got to go see you all tomorrow!!  Bye Blogged by Beth  Hi everybody.Today Kelsy pushed me into the bog and I got stuck Danny helped me out. So I am really angry with her. Mr. Cozens was standing there laughing his head off and taking photos. Tonight we went to the bonfire.Bye for now and see you tomorrow Bye Hannah  

 Hi mum and Dad its Kelsy today I pushed Hannah in the bog and she got stuck  Danni had to dig her out  and Beshley pushed me in the bog it came up to my hips by 4 now x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x 

Hello mum and every one else how are you can you help me how do you view pics on the camera I hate typing so I’ll tell you about everything we did when I get home! luv rob XxXxXxXxX:) 

Hiya everyone how r u???Today was really fun, we did the LO adventure course. My fav part of it was the spooky tunnel, the tunnel was quite long and it had loads of camouflage things over it so you couldn’t see it that well in the bush. In the evening we went to a camp fire and noj aka:John) was being really stupid and singing weird songs.Cya on Fridaybibi Blogged bye Izzy

Residential day 3

After a better night’s sleep (the girls having been shouted at for not going to sleep far more than the boys), we tackled the next day’s activities. In the morning, one group did archery, while the other set about completing some team tasks then challenges. In the afternoon we all did raft building, with varying degrees of success. The children all needed showers to wash off the pondweed, for some it was the first shower of the week! Below are the thoughts of the year 6s. Thanks for the comments so far, please leave more for us and make sure that all our relatives and friends read our blog entries each day.  Today it was better because we had more fun challenges, like raft building and my team was the only one that worked because the other teams knot came undone. Two of their barrels floated up, making the raft lean forward also we did archery and we had to pop balloons on the target.   Blogged by James 

After a good nights sleep we got going on our next activity which was team tasks. It was okay, but Hannah poured water over my head and I got soaking. Our next activity was raft building I fell into the pond a lot and got really, really wet and our raft almost sunk.It was great fun, but I did not enjoy the end because I swallowed a lot of dirty water after my belly flop which we all did at the end. Blogged by Scott 

Today we done some archery which was very hard and we did the dating game. Afterwards we done the raft building, when we started we had to get the raft into the pond and we had to try and get a red rugby ball, some of the time I got out and started to swim and help the others paddle, in the end we all got drenched and afterwards we had a nice shower, then our evening meal and now we are playing rounders. See you all on Friday.  Blogged by Luke 

Today was the best day so far, we did raft building and our raft was the best. Ours was called MSC. Wonky (because it was wonky, DUH!!!). We also did a belly flop competition, I scored 9.5 out of 10 and as I said it was fun! Missing U loads Mum Dad and Meg (maybe Sally)  Blogged by Max 

Today was the best day of the week because we did raft building. It was really funny because our raft broke and then we had to get on the other one, Jamie fell off about 10 times. Oh yeah my new trainers got soaked. LOL!In the morning we did team tasks and it was funny as well because Kelsy poured water on Scotts head. Missing you Mum, Dad, Emily and Eve Blogged by Edward 

Hello everybody we have had fun today. I hope you are having fun at school!! Today we did raft building, my crocs floated away in the water Izzy got them back for me. In the end we all got to do belly flops, and my tummy touched the bottom when I did it. This is for Jemma, can you please tell my Mum the blog address, because I forgot to tell her before I went, and tell my mum that I’ am missing her please. See you on Friday Bye. Bye Missing you all Blogged by Hannah 

Hello people, this morning I did archery one of the things we had to do was to pop each others balloons that have faces on them. I popped two balloons and made Danni (instructor) win.After lunch I did raft building, my group the ‘Ocean Predators’ won the race to build them and my teams raft survived! Meanwhile ‘Yucky Yellow’ teams raft fell apart in the water.At the end of raft building, Danni got us to do belly flops into the water and gave us marks out of ten – I got 4, because of trying to do a star jump that was hard.Look out for dirty washing Mum!Hello Sophie, how are your fish? Hi Mum, Dad, Charlotte and \Becky. See you all Friday except for Daddy who I’ll miss loads, see you when you get home Dad. Blogged by Josh.  

Hi Mum I am missing u so much and tell dad I said love u. 2day we did raft building and it was so fun I fell in the water like 5 times ha ha I cant wait to get home xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Blogged by Kelsy  

Hi everyone at home!!! How is everyone? Anyway I hope you’re all ok!!  I am having a great time but I having so much fun that it seems like we have only been here for about three days oh wait we have, hehe!! Miss you, not!! Bye see you all soonBeth:) 

hi allz rob here goin beddybyes now so don’t have much time 🙁 but me wubz yoos:) hi mum jack nedz rog and monty, also known as flealess YAY any way today was raft building and I got everything wet;) W00T luvs u all and from the hms heatree titanic burr bie p.s. I am having a sugar rush yay:/:)BYES!!! blogged by rob

Residential Day 2

After a rather chatty night, we got some sleep and our first day got under way with orienteering. We had a map of the Heatree site and had to find 20 symbols from around the grounds. Well done to the Bridges team who won with 58 points. In the afternoon, yellow group did archery and blue group took part in some team challenges. The year 6s will tell you about their day below. Please don’t forget to leave a comment or a message for our year 6s. 

Today our activities were Orienteering and team tasks.In the morning we did orienteering and it was a little bit hard .We were given a mapand a checklist so we could mark off the markers that we found,The markers were spread throughout the Heatree grounds and in my group was:Max, Luke and Mrs Owen.Some of the points were really hard but we found them all in the end.In the afternoon we did Team Tasks which is were we all had to work together as a team through a series of challenges. My favourite challenges were the tyre park and rope bridge, In tyre park you had to pretend that there was a deep bog underneath you and you had to cross the bog only touching the tyres but we had 3 planks and we had to cross by walking along the planks. And you had to get all of your team across it was Great Fun!!!  Blogged by Izzy 

Hello all Rob here I am just blogging to say what we did today. First we did orienteering which was pretty hard and we lost so I don’t really want to talk about that. Oh well archery was the absolute best I kept getting bulls eye and I popped my balloon right in the middle!!!!! Yay me! Any way I did really well and mum can I join an archery club if there’s one nearby? luvin this, missing u Robs. Blogged by Rob 

This morning we did orienteering in the woods, which was very bumpy and John tied ropes to my wheelchair and I was pulled as well as pushed!After dinner we did archery and I scored a bullseye for the first time ever. All of our group had a great time. Blogged by Dominick This morning we did orienteering in the woods, which was very muddy Mr Cozens came with me, Hannah, Rob and Kelsy we found twelve out of twenty. After lunch we did archery we had a bow and arrow and at the end we got to shoot balloons.Blogged by Scott    Today was fun, we did orienteering and team tasks. I liked orienteering because we could run around the grounds freely. My tooth fell out yesterday but I lost it in the bin!!!!.Bye all, Max.  

Hi everyone it is really fun at Heatree but some times I wish if I could go home any way today we did orienteering and team tasks and it was great fun it took for ever for me to get to sleep.  Blogged by James  Hi guys I’m having a great time today we did some orienteering and that was hard. After that we did some team games and some of them were kind of hard and last night we could not get to sleep because some of the time he was making Dominick laugh. Mum luves ya lots see you soon   Blogged by Luke 

Residential Day 1

Blog – Monday Residential day one. We arrived at about 10:15 and had an introductory talk followed by some team tasks. After the excitement of discovering our rooms, we had a fire drill and then lunch. The afternoon activity was high ropes. We had to climb 25 feet and then step over a gap, this was called the leap of faith. We also had a go in the sky rider and had to climb as many crates as we could. Dinner was tomato soup, sausage, wedges and beans followed by chocolate pudding. Here are some messages from the year 6s. 

Today was a great day, we just chilled but we did one activity, it was high rope we had to climb up a ladder and jump from one platform to another and then jump down. It was great.Blogged by Edward 

We had a great day it was fun I enjoyed it very much our first activity was the high ropes where we had to jump from one platform to another we also did sky riding we were pulled up by our group and we had to either get the duck up or down we had two  different instructors we had John and Danny.Blogged by Scott   

We did the high ropes today and it was cool. I went on the sky rider chair twice, first I put the duck on the platform and then I had to knock it down.Blogged by Dom. Hi every one this is great things are already hotting up today we did high ropes hi all at home love you Mum!: by Rob! 

Hi Mum miss u hope Hannah has a good chance at her exam love you from Jamie.   Hi Mum Sally and Dad, I’ve been having a great time here. I did the leap of faith of a platform on tree, having a great time, love Max  Hi Mum, Dad, Tom and Chloe today we went on the high adventure course and it was really fun I miss you love from James

Hi having a great time so far to day I have played giant jenga and table tennis. I have also been on the swings and our rooms are lovely. The food is very nice.Blogged by Beshley!  

Hi Emma and Katie and not forgetting Laura! Including Mum and Dad!!! J It’s really nice here and I’m having loads and loads of fun!! And thanks Emma for all the tips and Harriet!!!  Today we did high ropes and the leap of faith HAHA Emma you didn’t get to do that!!! Ok bye 4 now totodalo!! Beth

Hi mum it is Kelsy and I am having lots of fun and today we did the high ropes they are 25foot high so I will try to speak to u every day so that we can talk love Kelsy love u xxxxxxxxxxx    


The week beginning the 14th May is SATs week. Children in year 6 have worked really hard in booster classes preparing for their end of Key Stage 2 tests. Here are some ways that you can practise and revise at home and have some fun (a bit anyway) at the same time…

BBC Bitesize – covers everything a Year 6 needs to know for their SATs

Science Presentations made by our own Year 5/6 as a revision aid

Times tables practise from the BBC again 

Lots of maths games for Year 6 and beyond

Even more maths games from early years to year 6

Games to help you practise your spelling

These are just a few, there are loads out there. If you know of any great websites to help children with their Maths and English skills, then leave a comment with any useful links.

Blogged by Mr Cozens

Netball Crazyyyy

On Thursday 29th of March, The Cornwood Netball team went to play at Ivybridge Community College.

Our first match was against Woodlands and the score was 2-1

The next match was against Yealmton b the scor was 1-0 to us.

The Last match was against Stowford and we were playing for first and second  at the beggining it was 4-1 to them then we caught up and the scores were up to 4-4.Then after that the bell went and it was a draw so we had to have and extra 2 minutes.

and at the end of the 2 minutes the final score was…..7-4 🙂



Blogged by: Izzy and Ryan 🙂

Making Moroccan pots with Miss Hendy

We started with a ballon and glued it with news paper, making paper mache. Layer by layer we built it up and a few days later they all  dryed up. We gave it a coat of emulsion paint and then Miss Hendy gave us a piece of card board about 6 or 7 cm long and staple it on for you to make the base. Then we did a sketch of our bowl and the design on it and the colours as well. On the last day we decorated our bowls and put them on display.

By Katherine and Rachel

Animation Group 1

This is the first group’s Terracotta Warrior animation. The file is hosted at Google Video and you should be able to watch it below, though this may take a while to load up, depending on your connection speed. If you can’t see it below try watching it here